​Production Management for Manufacturing in China

​Product and prototype development

How do you get started?

WKS has been manufacturing consumer goods products in Asia for over 30 years. 

Our experienced staff and proven processes  can assist you in getting your product produced and ready for market!

has emerged as the premier source for 

If after our review of your questionnaire and initial discussions we determine that you are not quite ready for China, we can help you with the additional steps you can take to get you to that point.

China manufacturing is not for everyone! 

Do you have a prototype?  Do you need a prototype or sales sample?  Do you have product specifications or drawings?  Do you know who your target customer is? Do you have a sales distribution plan?  Do you have a business plan developed?  Do you have funding available to launch this project? 

These along with several other questions will help our team assess your situation, and be able to recommend

next steps in the process. 

our clients speak:

If we determine that you could benefit from our experience and services in China, we would outline the NEXT STEPS and options in our process.  Services can be tailored to meet each specific action and are contracted in STAGES such as:

For Example:

manufacturing to the world. 

First, WKS trade specialists will meet with you to determine the type of services you might require for your project.  Typically, we would have you fill out a questionnaire listing answers to several basic questions about your product status. 

  • Sourcing
  • Product / packaging design
  • Product costing / budget creation
  • Prototype / sales sample development
  • Initial working prototype production and evaluation
  • Factory vendor / confidentiality agreements
  • Price and terms negotiations
  • Quality control checklist development
  • On-site, hands-on QC management
  • Customs and logistics support

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It is especially difficult when you are not familiar with the customs, language, currency and geography of China.


Finding the right factory to manufacture your product is not an easy task.


China Sourcing

W o r l d  K e y  S e r v i c e s

"Our Kickstarter campaign was a success and we met our fund-raising goals!  The next goal was to find a reliable manufacturer in China. We were referred to WKS through a LinkedIn contact and immediately knew they could help us. WKS quickly located a factory that guided us through the process of making our prototype and toolings for production. Start to finish, we were 7 months from contracting with WKS to our first shipment of product! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of our project! Thank you, thank you WKS!"
      --J. Bean

Lean on Our 30+ Years of Asia Experience 

"We had no idea where to start with finding a factory in China for our one-of-a-kind prototype.  Our goal was to locate a factory possessing the required tools and skills for prototyping, and possibly producing our product, while meeting our design and budget constraints. WKS brought together a team of experts in China and with our “crude” sample and Cad drawings, delivered our proprietary molds. Our prototype is available to show investors and hopefully we can get initial sales with our buyers."
      -- R. Lewis

And Let WKS go to Work for You in China!