​Production Management for Manufacturing in China

​Product and prototype development

How do I know production will be safeguarded?

How do I decide China sourcing is right for my product?

How Are payments made to the factory?

Once an agreement is reached between you and the factory, your payment--through WKS--will be forwarded to the factory's designated bank account. Typically there is a deposit ranging from 30-50% of the total order, payable prior to production and balance paid prior to shipment. You make payments to WKS and we arrange all other financial requirements on your behalf. We have a mutual, binding vendor contract with each selected factory.

We handle the procurement of factories and set up the relationships on your part. We provide pictures and factory assessments for your review. Once your product is ready for production, we provide the 24/7 communication so you can visit "virtually" and not have to leave your U.S. office.  However, we are happy to provide a guided tour with complete translation services if you choose to visit the factory.

There are pros and cons for both. By utilizing our 30+ years of experience, you gain confidentiality, a full-time U.S. project manager, time management of your schedule, 24/7 Western communication, and take part in our existing China factory relationships.

How is the QC/QA handled at the factory?

We have a full service process that will quote deliverables and costs to prepare your specifications for your specific prototype sample. We will work with either a model shop to make a duplicate model that will match your prototype, or go directly to the factory for a counter-sample.  Each product is unique and we will quote based upon your sample prototype needs.


While manufacturing in China offers a leap beyond U.S. production, there are tremendous advantages and disadvantages to weigh. We can walk you through our initial assessment to see if China is right for you.

Why should I choose WKS instead of using Alibaba or going directly to a factory?

Do I need to visit China myself?


China Sourcing

This is something that depends on each product and each factory's requirement. However, early on, our initial product review with the factory (face-to-face) will provide the MOQ's along with a factory quote sheet for the production cost for each item.

The benefit of working with WKS is that our staff is on-site while your product is in all stages of procurement. We develop a trusting, contracted relationship with the factory owners and managers and will alert you of any foreseeable problems.  Our team has experience with problem-solving and will keep you advised as to solutions and schedules. 

How do my goods get shipped once they are produced in a factory?

Our WKS shipping specialists will arrange the transfer of goods to the China port (including all customs documents and preparation) and can quote the shipment to your port of specified delivery. We can handle all import customs and duty.  All costs are covered on a WKS proposal and vary from port to port.

How do I know what the MOQ (minimum order quantities) will be for my product?

W o r l d  K e y  S e r v i c e s

Our seasoned WKS staff performs a preliminary quality control checklist (developed with you as well) and they work directly with the factory managers and staff to insure that all items meet the desired quality level.  We also oversee all testing lab submissions and final test results to ensure all US testing requirements are met for importing to U.S. and other countries.

Do I provide my only sample to send to China?