China Sourcing

W o r l d  K e y  S e r v i c e s

​Production Management for Manufacturing in China

​Product and prototype development

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Manufacturing products or component parts in China can often provide cost savings

effectively locating and implementing the best China manufacturing partners can be challenging. 

WKS is the global partner that can help you achieve your specific goals.

many US companies are searching for...  

"We had a major testing failure with one of our production runs and contracted WKS to work with our factory to resolve the issues.  WKS China employees were able to quickly work directly with the factory manager on our behalf and upgrade the QC process.  WKS also supervised the re-testing of our production to assure us we would be shipping product that passed all required safety standards for our customer. "
      --P. Davis

This is especially true if you are trying to manage the process using a contracted foreign agent or remotely communicating with the factory from your office in the US.

"WKS engineering was able to refine and simplify our existing toolings and in the end, saved us about 20% cost in our redesigned molds and ultimate product cost."
      --E. Ramos

WKS USA & China employees can help you with:

  • Discreet sourcing and on-site qualifying of multiple factory options that fit your manufacturing product profile.
  • Price negotiation directly with factory decision maker(s) to help get the best pricing and payment terms for your product/component
  • Cost effective prototype and sample development
  • Precision tooling and mold development
  • Retailer audit and US product safety compliance services
  • 3rd party Testing Lab services
  • On-site, hands-on QC/QA inspection services